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Japan’s Love Hotels What You Need to Know

Japan's Love Hotels

Traveling to Japan and planning to stay in one of Japan’s Love Hotels? Read on for some essential information.

You can pay with cash or credit card, and most love hotels will have non-smoking rooms. You should also know whether the hotel is safe for gay couples. This article will help you decide if a love hotel is right for you. After all, it’s your honeymoon, after all.

Japan’s Love Hotels are popular with couples

Many people who travel to Japan don’t have the luxury of having sex in their own home. The Japanese love hotel market caters to this niche, offering beautifully furnished rooms with everything a couple would need.

Many hotels are free to stay at, while others have to rent a room. A survey conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association shows that 40% of the country’s female population is averse to sexual contact.

Most Japanese hotels feature small, cramped rooms, while love hotels are famous for their spacious rooms with a separate lounge area, a Jacuzzi, and private outdoor onsets.

A contemporary Rabah room is no different from an ordinary hotel room, but older style love hotels tend to be more extravagant. However, the rooms may seem like they belong in a fairytale castle. Some of the love hotels offer rooms that are a bit more shabby-chic, while others feature more upscale, posh hotels.

They accept cash and credit cards

Although love hotels in Japan have been popular with couples for decades, the western perception of them is far different from the reality.

Western media depict love hotels as secluded retreats with mirrors and S&M equipment throughout. In reality, most love hotels offer more mainstream amenities. Even mid-priced rooms come with LCD TVs, DVD players, tea and coffee making facilities, and massage chairs. Most hotels accept credit cards and cash.

The machines that operate love hotels usually accept both cash and credit cards. Some hotels even charge credit cards under a fake name.

Most love hotels accept cash, but they do not have a desk at which to pay for a room. Instead, guests simply press a button or tap the screen to pay for their stay. Some hotels offer a cash back guarantee if guests are unhappy with their stay. You can also use your credit card or personal check to make a reservation if you’d like.

They have non-smoking rooms

There are plenty of reasons to stay in Japan’s Love Hotels, and one of the best is the ability to stay in a room that is completely smoke-free.

Each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, and even scented toiletries. It has an on-site convenience store, and you can rent movie DVDs, play karaoke, and play Wii. The room is even equipped with a karaoke machine, which is a good idea if you’re traveling solo.

While the rooms are quite spacious, you will likely still find that you don’t have to worry about being too crowded.

Most love hotels are about twenty square meters, while a 2K apartment was only seventeen square meters. Luxury suites can measure anywhere from 25 to 80 square meters. And all of them have a private bathroom, shower, and whirlpool tub.

They offer girls-only party plans

For the ultimate girls’ night out, consider a stay at one of Japan’s Love Hotels. Located on posh streets in Tokyo, these hotels cater to the needs of couples in search of a romantic getaway.

Many love hotels have a whimsical name and feature elaborate designs. The best part is that girls can have their own rooms and choose their own party plans! You can even plan your night out with your girlfriends!

Most love hotels are located in the center of a popular entertainment area near expressways and parking areas, so it’s important to pick one that’s close to a metro station.

To choose a love hotel, look for one in an area with the highest concentration of nightclubs and bars. You can also browse the best love hotels in Japan by visiting one of the ranking websites. These websites are available in Japanese and feature pictures so you can check out which one’s appeal to you. Read more articles like this 3 Japan’s Lovehotels.

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