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How to get the best price at love hotels in Japan

love hotels in Japan

A good way to get the best deal at love hotels in Japan is to visit during off-peak hours. Most establishments are at their lowest price during the hours between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

The same is true for 90-minute and 120-minute visits. Off-peak hours also make it easier to find hotels near popular spots in Tokyo. Depending on your needs, you can choose an inexpensive accommodation or a luxurious suite.

Love Hotels in Japan and Room size

Unlike the typical Japanese hotel, love hotels in Japan have a very generous room size. The average size of a room is 20 square meters, although you can also opt for a lavish suite that is as large as 80 square meters.

A stay at one of these hotels is sure to be romantic and unforgettable. Read on to discover some of the most romantic hotels in Japan. You can find out more about the accommodations and the prices at these hotels below.

Many love hotels in Japan are located in the heart of popular entertainment areas, so be sure to choose one close to parking lots and expressways.

It’s best to choose a hotel that’s safe and clean for your stay. Look for a location that’s close to the most clubs and bars for your trip. You can also check out hotel reviews on online ranking sites that are both written in Japanese and have ample pictures of the facilities.

Location Love Hotels in Japan

If you’re in Japan, you’ve probably heard of love hotels. The hotel’s name is a play on words, but in reality, it’s more of a romantic escape, where you can spend the night in a private room. The rooms are usually private, and the prices are hourly.

Despite their image as after-hours activities, love hotels in Japan are gaining popularity among couples who are eager to spend some time together.

Some love hotels in Japan even offer boxing ring beds! You can spend the night in a room decorated with Hello Kitty, or you can enjoy a boxing match on the bed! You can even stay at a love hotel with a merry-go-round inside.

Another love hotel is equipped with S&M equipment, mirrors, and even Hello Kitty themed decor. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a love hotel in Japan that will match your taste!


If you are interested in romance, you should consider staying in a love hotel in Japan. While these hotels were originally designed for couples, they have since become popular with travelers who are looking for cheap accommodations and thoughtful services.

Some love hotels allow short stays, up to 4 hours, during the day, in addition to overnight stays. While you are required to stay in a love hotel with the opposite sex, some do not. Check-in and checkout hours will also vary between hotels.

The rates for these hotels are fairly low, ranging from three thousand to 8000 yen for an overnight stay, with prices rising in the weekends.

The reception staff are anonymous, so there is no one to see your face when you arrive. You will choose a room by pressing a button, and pay at the window. Rates vary depending on the type of love hotel and whether the hotel has a point system to reward guests for a positive stay.


Love hotels in Japan are designed to cater to married couples as well as sex workers. In the expensive capital Tokyo, many people share a room with family members or roommates, so finding a place to stay that fits your budget and preferences can be a challenge.

In contrast, the thin walls and paper-thin doors of some Japanese homes let light and sound in. Therefore, if you’re looking to seduce a Japanese girl, a love hotel can be the perfect solution.

During this time, love hotels charge half of their regular rates. However, it’s worth checking with each hotel to ensure availability before booking. Also, keep in mind that check-in times are often late. Some hotels do not allow guests to check-in before midnight, so it’s a good idea to make advance reservations.

Gifts and vouchers

Japanese love hotels often have loyalty programs that reward guests for specific stays and spending. These gifts can range from fine dining experiences to branded wallets and bags.

In Tokyo, even a two-night stay at a hotel can cost as much as 7,000 yen. Gifts for your loved one are especially meaningful when the hotel stays cost over 10,000 yen, and Tokyo weekends can be crazy expensive.

The concept of a love hotel is not new in Japan. Its name derives from a famous love hotel in Osaka that opened in 1968 and was followed by thousands more.

In the early post-war years, young couples lived in extended families and didn’t have much time to enjoy a romantic moment. However, modern love hotels have re-imagined the traditional concept. Guests at a love hotel will be able to spend quality time with their loved one, a much-needed change from the pressures of their daily lives.

Japanese vocabulary for love hotels

A love hotel in Japan can be described in many ways. Some love hotels have eye-catching facades, while others might be a secretive and mysterious place that only a few people know about. Regardless of their purpose, love hotels in Japan follow some basic rules.

The following are some of the most common ways to describe a love hotel in Japanese. Read on to learn about these unique accommodations. In addition to Japanese vocabulary, you can learn the proper phrases used by employees at love hotels in Japan.

During their early years, love hotels in Japan had a controversial reputation. Some Japanese officials considered them shady businesses, and they were associated with sexual suppression of displeasing communities.

However, their existence was justified by a law passed in 1985, which helped destigmatize the love hotels in Japan. In addition, many Japanese are hesitant to visit a love hotel because they consider the experience, you can read too How governments a help tourism in Japan.

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