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5 Fishing Spots in Tokyo

Fishing Spots in Tokyo

If you want to know 5 Fishing Spots in Tokyo you have to read this article, when you are cooped up in an office or at home most of your waking hours, you will probably feel the need to spend some time outside.

Going fishing is a fun activity that allows you to get outside and get some fresh air. You may know that fishing is a popular hobby in Japan if you watch Japanese TV every now and then.

5 Fishing Spots in Tokyo

You will see all kinds of people ranging from professional fishermen to random comedians or celebrities on TV that are out and about fishing. Whether you are a first timer or have lots of experience, Tokyo has plenty of places where you can go to catch some fish.

Many of these spots have rental shops where you can rent fishing equipment for the day if you don’t have or want to bring your own. Find your place to fish on this list of 10 popular fishing spots in Tokyo!

Kasai Rinkai Park

Not far from Tokyo Disney Resort is Kasai Rinkai Park. It’s the largest park in the central Tokyo wards and is a place where city dwellers love to come for their nature fix.

The park features an aquarium, a large ferris wheel, a sea bird sanctuary, and a barbeque spot. Because the park borders Tokyo Bay, there is plenty of coastlines where you can fish if you bring your own gear. You can catch fish like sea bass, flatfish, and goby here.

Closest station: Kasai Rinkai Koen (Keiyo line)

Wakasu Seaside Park

Bordering the same side of the bay as the Kasai Rinkai Park and also built on reclaimed land, Wakasu Seaside Park is another popular park where you can enjoy a day in the fresh sea breeze.

You can play golf here, go cycling (there is a bicycle rental store), and enjoy the man-made beaches in the park. The park has a shop where you can rent fishing gear, and there’s a barbeque where you can grill your fresh catch of the day.

The Tokyo Gate Bridge in the park has a unique and interesting design, which makes for a great photo.

Closest station: Shin-Kiba (Keiyo line and Yurakucho line)

Website: Wakasu Seaside Park

Ariake West Terminal Park

Ariake West Terminal Park is a narrow waterfront park where many locals like to come and take a walk to enjoy the scenic views of the bay.

It is located near several Olympic venues from the Olympics that were held in Tokyo in 2021, so if you are interested in having a look at the various venues it is easy to combine it with a little fishing trip.

You can catch horse mackerel and sardines here, and if you’re a fan of boats you will also enjoy your time here observing all the ships that go past and that are anchored here.

Closest station: Tokyo Big Sight (Yurikamome line)

Benkei Fishing Club

If you want to fish in a very urban environment in the middle of the city, then you should head to the Benkei Fishing Club. As you sit situated right next to the luxury New Otani Hotel and are surrounded by trees, it is relaxing to look out onto all the nearby tall buildings, and makes you feel a bit like you are in a small green oasis.

You can rent a small rowing boat here for around 2500 yen per person per day, rods for around 650 yen, and other small necessities for a fee.

It’s fun rowing to find a good fishing spot in the moat, and you can catch carp and bass as well as other small fish here. You can also opt for fishing in a small fenced pond from the bank where you can catch goldfish.

Closest station: Akasaka-mitsuke (Ginza and Marunouchi line)

Ichigaya Fish Center

In this fenced fishing spot in central Tokyo you can enjoy catching fish in larger angler pools where there are carp, or you can try for goldfish and other small fish in the smaller pond for both kids and adults.

Compared to fishing in the wild, it is easier to catch something in this type of angler pool because there are many fish and they tend to be hungry. You can bring your own rod or rent one for a fee.

Adults pay around 780 yen per hour and it is slightly cheaper for kids and people over 65. In the small pond you only have to pay 500 yen for 30 minutes which includes a rental rod.

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