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5 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

5 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

If you are looking for the latter, you can opt for something like a business hotel or a hostel. But have you ever considered a Capsule Hotels in Tokyo?

Are you traveling to Tokyo and looking for accommodation? There are so many options to choose from ranging from upscale hotels to traditional ryokan to budget-friendly options.

 You may have heard about this more recent minimalist-style hotel in which the ‘room’ where you sleep is about the size of a single bed, stacked upon and below another identical ‘room’.

Facilities like showers and toilets are shared and are usually fairly simple. For the budget-conscious traveler it can be a great option and a fun experience, especially as some of the newer capsule hotels almost feel futuristic.

If you are deciding last minute and are traveling alone there is often a free space in one of Tokyo’s many capsule hotels. As the amenities and location can be very important and differ from hotel to hotel, let us help you on your way with our list of 10 of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo!

Nine Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace

With a clean and futuristic feel to it, Nine Hours Otemachi-Imperial Palace is perfect for those who want the typical Japanese capsule hotel experience.

Every guest gets their own locker and the shower room has cabinets that you can lock up. Men and women also sleep on separate floors.

The hotel’s location is very central and convenient, and is only a short walk to the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station from where you can take the shinkansen, metro, and JR train to almost anywhere in Japan. There are also plenty of great dining options in the area.

1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo Asakusa 

As the name implies, 1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo Asakusa Simple Stay offers an honest and straightforward accommodation for a great price. They provide some amenities for free such as slippers and a toothbrush, and you can use their coin laundry machines for a small fee.

There is also a common area with a vending machine for drinks, and as a bonus, there’s an outdoor terrace that guests can use. This hotel is especially good for travelers who want to explore the popular tourist areas Asakusa, Ueno Park, and Akihabara, as they are all within walking distance.


If you are looking for a night in the town, Shibuya is one of the best places to do so. It is the neighborhood where young people come to drink, dance, and meet new people.

So what would be better than to stay at a crawling distance from its main streets where most clubs and bars are? commun SHIBUYA is located right in the middle of all the action. There are lockers, a vending machine, and even a TV in every capsule. However, please note that commun SHIBUYA is a male only accommodation.

Capsule and Sauna Rosco

If you don’t mind the lack of WiFi and enjoy taking a hot bath and sauna, then Capsule and Sauna Rosco is the place for you. It is quite a local spot and has many Japanese guests.

There are 3 indoor baths as well as an open-air bath, a sauna, a common area, and an onsite restaurant. In addition, the hotel even offers its own massage service.

Men and women stay on separate floors. The closest train station is Komagome in the north of Tokyo, and the hotel has good access to tourist attractions in Asakusa, Ueno Park, nostalgic Yanesen, and the off-the-beaten-path Rikugien Garden.

Do-c Ebisu

Do-c Ebisu’s claim to fame is their beautiful European wooden interior and their large Finnish-sytle sauna that guests can enjoy. Another big advantage of staying in this capsule hotel is that you’re in Ebisu, which is one of Tokyo’s more upscale areas that has many nice eateries and bars minus the noise of other popular nightlife districts.

Ebisu is also only a 15-minute walk from Shibuya so you can enjoy clubs and bars nearby as well.

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